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.srt sub(title) merge

insert the two srt subtitle files you want to join file
an image file
now insert the time of the end of first part + a few seconds (upload of the first file starts an automatic lookup of the last subtitle time of the first file)
h   m   s   ms
 :   :   : 
This is the first prototype of a pure JavaScript based version, therefore the file download does not work, sry. I will make it happen ...
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If you had success submit the subtitles to a subtitle page.

If you did not have success:
Open your file with a text editor, does it look something like this?

00:05:48,357 --> 00:05:50,183
Nothing clean. Right.
00:05:50,317 --> 00:05:53,401
I think this guy's a couple of cans
short of a six-pack.
00:05:53,528 --> 00:05:56,730
Your clothes, give them to me.

No? Sry you do not have a .srt file. There are other subtitle formats out there, maybe you can convert it to a .srt file. Go to divx-digest and find out how to solve your problem.

Yes it looks like that - it still does not work! Sorry I have not idea, go to divix-digest and ask the nice people there to help you.